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An evening with Vicky Salter, Nizelspippin Spaniels

An evening with Vicky Salter (Nizelspippin Spaniels)

“An evening with” @nizelspippinspaniels in the best of company. And what a treat it was. This was not an evening with a dog trainer this was an evening with a rather special lady with a unique approach to creating the best relationship between you and your Spaniel (other breeds were mentioned ?). Her passion and desire to help the working dog community, commitment to responsible breeding and interest in equipping all with the tools & confidence to go back to basics was really really informative. All came away with a spring in their step that with a few small adjustments to the everyday, life with “Man’s best friend” can certainly be improved and enjoyed more by all those involved. Also, can I mention THOSE GOODIE BAGS?. We are very fortunate to have some incredible talent in the Dog training/Breeding/Grooming/Boarding world and are are looking forward to a very exciting 2023 with them, but, before that we will be hosting more of these and hope to see Vicky again soon for all of you who wanted to come but couldn’t make it last night, we know there’s A LOT OF SPANIEL ENTHUSIASTS out there?. If you would like some help get in touch with @nizelspippinspaniels for all of you and your spaniel needs. 

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