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An evening with Alice Walsh (Lineup polo)

Alice Walsh - Lineup Polo

Ranking top 20 in womens polo, international jet setter, entrepreneur, app owner/designer/developer & all round bloody nice gal. @alicewalsh124 gave us an evening delving into the elite world that is Polo. At just 25 Alice has already achieved what most would only dream of in a life time, but she’s not stopping there! Her sights are set on becoming a legend on the pitch and her passion drives her to help open up grass roots polo. If you are in a London park & she’s got a stick & ball do pop over and say hi. We have no doubts after hearing Alice this evening that she will achieve and keep on achieving. If you would like to know more about the sport, her app @lineup.polo or would like to support by way of sponsorship get in touch with @athletemediagroup and start getting excited – WOMENS POLO IS ABOUT TO GET A SHAKE UP!?

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